Are you in network marketing and nobody's liking, commenting, or engaging with your Facebook live videos? Here are 6 Facebook live tips that will help you increase your results.

These tips are what the top earners use to not only get more leads, reps, and customers, but make money off the 90% who said “NO” to joining your business opportunity.

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6 Facebook Live Tips

Facebook live is quickly becoming one of the most powerful methods of reaching people. From politicians to entertainers people are using live video to share experiences with others.

When you use Facebook live the right way you will position yourself as the authority in your space which will attract people to you rather than chasing down others. Watch the video below to learn six Facebook live tips that will help you get leads. If you pay attention closely you'll see my boo-boo in my video.

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Doc's Script for Facebook Live Tips

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 facebook live tips

 facebook live tips

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