Have you struggled with coming up with daily content for your blog? Today I'm going to share with you my simple 7 day content creation formula will help you build an expert fast!

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Become a Credible Expert FAST

If you’re serious about creating a full time home business, you may have all the tools, but not using them in the correct sequence. I didn’t realize it myself when I first got started. 

It’s more than just having the right tools to create an online success. You need a system of training, mindset, and support that will position you as the authority where people SEEK YOU OUT.

In 2013 I found a system that that not only changed my business, but my life. This system has been around since 2008 and has helped myself and others learn how to get more leads without hassling friends and family.  Not only that, this system gave me the tools to capture leads for my blog. 

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How Often Should I Blog?

One question I get asked constantly is “Doc, how many times per week do I need to blog?” My answer is DAILY, especially if you're a newbie.


A few reasons. First, people's attention spans are very short. As a matter of fact, the attention span of humans is now 8 seconds. If you're not out there daily, they will forget you.

Second, people need to know you're consistent. An expert is always providing value to the marketplace daily.

Third, daily blog posts will be working for you 24/7 every single day. I am still making commissions from blog posts I've written 6 months ago. How cool is that? 

My 7 Day Content Creation Formula

The biggest frustration people have is coming up with daily blog content. I stumbled upon a simple content creation formula and it has helped me never run out of content.

It's really simple. Pick a topic of the day to blog about. 

The key is to know EXACTLY who your market is and what they would want to talk about.

Let's take the health and wellness niche. Here is a sample 7 day theme

  • Monday: Exercise Tip
  • Tuesday: Weight Loss
  • Wednesday: Recipes
  • Thursday: Shopping Tips
  • Friday: Interview/Guest Blog Post
  • Saturday: Book/Product Review
  • Sunday: Inspirational/Motivational Quotes

Want to see a simple content creation formula centered around internet marketing? Watch this short video below:

7 Day Content Creation Formula

Did this help you? Remember, daily blog content will give you the ultimate leverage and gets you results quicker.

What's really cool about this daily content creation formula is that it you can use it for any type of content, including FaceBook Lives, Instagram, and YouTube videos.

The key is to make sure you know your market and what they want. 

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To Your Success,

 content creation formula

 content creation formula

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