Are you afraid of asking people on your “chicken list” to invite to watch your network marketing presentation? Let these Kevin O'Leary quotes give you some encouragement today.

These Kevin O'Leary quotes will help you gain the insight and wisdom to help you to make money off the 90% who say “NO” to your business.

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Who is Kevin O'Leary?

Kevin is one of the most successful Canadian entrepreneurs. You may know him as “Mr. Wonderful” on the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank.

If you haven't watched Shark Tank I highly recommend that you do. You can watch replays on CNBC and on Hulu if you want to watch commercial free.

Watch the video below to learn more about Kevin's story.

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15 of My Favorite Kevin O'Leary Quotes

Do you have a chicken list? You know, that list of people who you're afraid to call.

They tend to be the ones that are…

  • Heavy hitters or veterans in the industry
  • Tried reaching out to them before but you never heard back from them
  • Everybody else is trying to pitch them and you don't want to be another person trying to get their attention

I love watching the potential investors pitching Kevin on their ideas, especially when he smiles and calls himself “Mr. Wonderful”. A lot of investors consider Kevin as one on their “chicken list”.

What I love about Kevin's questions is you see the thought process behind what he's thinking. He always gives great advice to those he wants to do business with and to those he doesn't. 

Some investors take her advice to heart, while others don't. Kevin's advice applies to home business owners as well especially when you're thinking about attacking that “chicken list”.

Here are 13 of my favorite Kevin O'Leary quotes that will help build up your emotional muscle to talk to people on your “chicken list.”

“I have had some great successes and great failures. I think every entrepreneur has. I try to learn from all of them.” – Kevin O'Leary

“I'm not a tough guy. I'm just delivering the truth and only the truth and if you can't deal with it, too bad.” – Kevin O'Leary

“I actually think being an entrepreneur is a state of mind. If you're going to be an entrepreneur, my thesis is that you have to sacrifice everything for some period in your life to be successful. You have to be myopic and completely focused and unbalanced in every way. Once you've achieved success, you're free to do whatever you like.” – Kevin O'Leary

“The road to riches is never straight and narrow. It can be riddled with financial land mines.” – Kevin O'Leary

“A lot of people have said a lot of great things about Steve Jobs. And for good reason: he built the world's second-most valuable company, with billions in profits and products that have improved every aspect of our lives. But Steve didn't get there by being a soft, fluffy, Kumbaya-type leader.” – Kevin O'Leary

“Downturns are the best time to start businesses, because you develop discipline that's very lean and mean in terms of how to spend money. And those habits serve you very well in good times.” – Kevin O'Leary

“We need physical exercise to prepare our brain for long periods of concentration” – Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O'Leary Quotes

“The biggest mistake entrepreneurs can make is trying to do everything themselves. They usually blow up when they try. I did an inventory of every deal I've ever done and it turned out that every single deal I made money on was a partnership, and every colossal failure, where I lost millions, was something I tried to do by myself.” – Kevin O'Leary

“So much of life is a negotiation – so even if you're not in business, you have opportunities to practice all around you.” – Kevin O'Leary

“I'd rather invest in an entrepreneur who has failed before than one who assumes success from day one.” – Kevin O'Leary

“I never, ever, ever let emotion get in the way of an investment.” – Kevin O'Leary

“Nobody forces you to work at Wal-Mart. Start your own business! Sell something to Wal-Mart!” – Kevin O'Leary

“I have met many entrepreneurs who have the passion and even the work ethic to succeed – but who are so obsessed with an idea that they don't see its obvious flaws. Think about that. If you can't even acknowledge your failures, how can you cut the rope and move on?” – Kevin O'Leary

“The definition of leadership is that you have to find great people and ask them to do extraordinary things. I've been doing that my whole life.” – Kevin O'Leary

“When I start something I bring my A-game – I assume I'm going to win.” – Kevin O'Leary

Love These Kevin O'Leary Quotes?

Which Kevin O'Leary quotes resonated with you the most? Were there any that I missed? Let's keep the conversation going!

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kevin o'leary quotes


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 kevin o'leary quotes

 kevin o'leary quotes

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