Internet marketing, especially in social media, is very fluid.  That is, it changes rapidly.

Often, it's not the tools that hold us back from success, but mindset.

We have not been programmed to think like entrepreneurs and have the mentality of expecting to get paid every other week working 40 hours.  

That mentality can be very difficult to break.

I have selected the best mindset training to help you overcome those barriers to success.

The Deep Abyss Mastermind

Tired of watching everybody else make money and have success but YOU?

If you haven't yet ‘cracked the code,' take a breath of fresh air because IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

With every self-proclaimed ‘guru' out there telling you to do a million different things, or go buy this new shiny thing with all the answers, or learn this hottest newest awesomest lead-generation strategy that's here today yet gone tomorrow… it's amazing anyone can figure this online thing out!

This is a private mastermind for the players, for forward thinkers. Each month you get to spend 2 hours with Top Home Based Business Producer Diane Hochman where she will teach a life-altering concept each month that that you will discuss, dissect, and assimilate TOGETHER.  I am a member of this mastermind and Diane has allowed me to make this special invitation to my subscribers.

How to Overcome Adversity in Life and Business

Struggling to get success in your business?  Ever wonder why some entrepreneurs thrive while others barely survive?

It's how they handle adversity. Let's face it. We all experience adversity in our life.

Let me introduce you to my friend Justice Eagan. Justice had a lot of adversity in his life, where he struggled with being fired from his job in the hospitality industry to facing physical challenges with his back.

Justice learned how to overcome those challenges to create a 6 figure business. 

In this call, Justice  breaks it down how you can handle adversity not only in your business but also in your personal life as well. Justice 

The 21-90 Rule

Let me ask you a question…How long would you stay in business if wasn't working for you?

90 Days? 6 Months? 1 Year? 5 Years?

Meet Lisa Torres Allen.  She struggled in her business for 18 years before she had her breakthrough. 

In this digital age many people fall into the trap that they will experience success as fast as you can download a song from iTunes.

Lisa experienced massive success when she mastered this powerful rule – The 21-90 Rule.

It takes 21 days to create a habit, and 90 day to create a lifestyle. In this exciting call Lisa is going to walk you through EXACTLY how to apply this rule in your life.

Stop Comparing – It's Keeping You Broke

Have you ever felt frustrated because other people are experiencing success faster than you?

Do you ever wonder what you are doing wrong or not doing that's holding you back from success?

Brian Fanale, co-founder of My Lead System Pro shares that comparing your success to others is what's keeping you broke.

Break the habit of comparaitis once and for all!

8 Little Words

We must always stand guard at the door of our mouth and mind. 

Whatever we speak we will attract into our lives.

On this exciting audio, home business expert Diane Hochman shares 8 little words that will change your life when you speak them.

7 Productivity Tips

Do you always feel distracted when you're working from home?

Do you feel that you're spinning around in circles and just can't seem to make any headway?

Too often, we mistake activity for accomplishment, and not focusing on the activities that will put us into profit.

On this audio, home business expert Terrence Williams shares his 7 personal productivity tips that not only get more done in less time, but you will also be doing the activities that will be putting money in your pocket.

Overcome Yourself

Let me ask you a question. What do you do when adversity hits in your life?

Do you blame others and focus on the problem?


Do you focus on the solution? Sometimes we are our own biggest obstacles when it comes to getting results. In this training, home business expert Mark Harbert gives practical advice when it comes to getting out of your own way.

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