If you're in network marketing and not using CRM software to follow up with your leads you're leaving A LOT of money on the table. Today you'll learn 3 powerful reasons why this will help you enroll more reps and customers into your network marketing business.

All top earners use a CRM software that helps them not only grow their organizations, but make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining their business opportunity.

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What is a CRM Software?

CRM is known as Customer Relationship Management Software that helps network marketers follow up with their leads. Back in the day, most network marketers would collect prospects business cards and store them in a Rolodex.

Here's the challenge with having a Rolodex or writing down information on scrap paper or a notebook. It can get lost easily.

Not only that, nobody wants to lug around a Rolodex either. The CRM software allows you to store your leads information online.

Now, don't confuse this with an autoresponder. An autoresponder just stores email addresses from people who opt-into your lead capture pages.

CRM software allows you to do the following:

  • Contact information such as email address, mailing address, and phone number
  • Social Media Networks
  • Store any notes from conversations you've had with your prospects
  • Calendar to schedule follow-up information

CRM software

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3 Reasons Why You MUST Use CRM Software

The most important reason you must be using CRM if you're in network marketing is building relationship with your prospects. On average, it takes a prospect 7 exposures to your product/service/business opportunity before they make a decision.

When you use a CRM it helps you store notes when talking with your leads to know EXACTLY where they are in the process.That way, when you're following up with a lead, you can review your notes and build rapport.

For example, let's say you followed up with a prospect about your business and they said they didn't have time to look at the business opportunity because they were getting their oldest son settled in at college. You set an appointment with them to follow up 2 weeks later.

In your notes you mark down their oldest son is in college. Now, when you follow up with them, you can then ask how their son is doing in college. 

Talk about a rapport builder!  People do business with those who they know, like, and trust. If they know that you truly care about them, they will do business with you in a heartbeat!

The second reason you must be using CRM software is it allows you to store your contacts and notes in one spot. Now when it comes time to pull up information on your prospect, you will be able to review your notes quickly so you can follow up in a professional, caring manner.

The final reason is it allows you focus on income producing activities. It's so easy to get distracted and caught up in the minutiae of activities that don't make you money when you use online marketing. 

A CRM allows you to focus on income producing activities. If you have limited time to work on your business, this software will help keep you focused and on track.

Final Thoughts

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 CRM Software

 CRM Software

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