Looking to improve your prospecting results online? In today's training you'll learn 39 social media recruiting tips from Ray Higdon.

These are the exact tips Ray and his wife Jessica have used to recruit more leads, reps, and customers with ease on social media without sounding “salesy” or spammy.

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39 Social Media Recruiting Tips

The other night Ray Higdon did a 90 minute Facebook live on his Fan Page where he shared 39 simple social media recruiting tips to help you get more leads, reps, and customers without sounding “salesy” or “spammy.”

Here are four social media recruiting tips that resonated with me the most and you can learn the rest in the video below. What's really awesome about this video is Ray teaches the psychology behind each tip. 

Tip #1: Never Send an Unsolicited Link

When you send an unsolicited link to someone on social media, your prospect will engage in one of three behaviors:

  • Delete your message
  • Ignore your message
  • Block you 

Why? Because that message told them it's spam. Instead, get your prospect to a place where they want to accept the link. You find out if they're open and then give them an out. 

For example, “I'm just throwing this out here…are you open to looking at a side project I'm working on that wouldn't interfere with what you're currently doing? If not, no biggie either way.”

If they say yes, then you can send them the link to your product, service, or business opportunity video.

Tip #2: Engage with 10 People

Before you post anything on social media, take 5-10 minutes to engage with 10 people on their social media posts in your newsfeed. When you comment on other people's posts, they will reciprocate and will want to do the same for your posts.

In addition, when Facebook sees you interacting with your friends and followers, you'll also have your posts stay in the newsfeed longer, giving you more exposure.

Tip #3: Use a Compelling Call to Action on Your FB Lives

According to Ray, a compelling call to action is an extension of what it is you're teaching. For example, let's say that you're promoting a weight loss shake and just shared 5 weight loss tips. Here is a compelling call to action to this Facebook live video.

“If you loved this video today and are serious about losing weight, just send me a private FB message and I'll send you my 7 Day meal plan that helped me lose weight without feeling hungry.”

Tip #4: Always Create Curiosity Over Resistance

Ray breaks down the difference between curiosity and resistance. Curiosity makes your prospect want to know more, where resistance comes from seeing pitchy, spammy posts on their social media newsfeed.

Here's an example of a great curiosity post. You're promoting a weight loss product and someone on your team lost weight and attended their 30 year high school reunion and shared on their profile a pic of themselves at the reunion in a gorgeous gown.

You could share that picture on your timeline saying, “HUGE congrats to my pal Julie! I know she's been working hard to lose weight. Over the last few months, she started making these health changes by eating right, exercise, and drinking a health shake she was able to fit into her dress size she wore in high school. Check out the pic she shared at her high school reunion. Way to go Julie!

That will get more people to comment on your post asking you what Julie did and what shake was she drinking.

Love these social media recruiting tips? Check out the rest by watching the livestream below!

Final Thoughts Social Media Recruiting Tips

Did this help you? Which one of Ray's social media recruiting tips resonated the most with you?

I'd really love to know! Leave a comment below and let's have a conversation!  

Once I started using these tips, my engagement and results increased.

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social media recruiting tips

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 social media recruiting tips

 social media recruiting tips

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