Want to attract more people to you? Today you'll learn 5 types of profitable Facebook posts that not only get people reaching out to YOU, but will help you close more sales with ease.

If you're struggling with generating leads on Facebook, this will help you.

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5 Profitable Facebook Posts

Over the last few days, we've been building our Facebook profile to get people reaching out to you with ease. Now it's time to start creating Facebook posts that will get people reaching out to you.

Before I share what these posts are, it's important to understand what a lead is. According to top earner Ray Higdon, a lead is “anyone that raises their hand that shows an interest on what you've shared on social media.”

Now, Ray defines an interest as someone who:

  • Likes your Facebook post
  • Comments on your Facebook post
  • Shares your Facebook post
  • Sends you a private Facebook message

Remember the key to success on social media is to not to sell people, but start conversations that will lead to people who. People do not buy from websites, companies, or compensation plans. Rather, they buy from those who they know, like, and trust. 

With that said, these 5 Facebook posts will help you get people reaching out to you to start conversations.

Facebook posts

Value Posts

The best type of Facebook posts you can start with are value posts because it helps you attract your perfect prospects to follow you.  Ray Higdon states it best that value posts are posts that are of interest to your audience.

The purpose of value posts is to get your prospects to come back and interact with your content more and more.

What's the best type of Facebook value posts? Live video.

Live video builds the know, like, and trust  factor. There's a simple formula to creating Facebook live videos that will get more people reaching out to you.

Watch the video below to learn this simple 4-step formula.

Here's the key. In the call to action in your Facebook live video, do not include a link to your lead capture page, sales page, or product page, as this will diminish your reach on Facebook.

Instead, close with this “Did you find this video valuable? If you did, leave a comment and share. And if you want to know more about ‘x', send me a private Facebook message and I'll be happy to tell you more about it.

Recognition Post

The second type of Facebook posts are recognition posts. Recognition posts are great at introducing people to your product or service.

The most effective way to use recognition posts is telling a story. Why? 2 reasons.

First, it draws people in. People love stories.

Second, it provides social proof. When people are looking at whether to buy a product, or join a business, there are 3 questions going through their head.

  • Does it work?
  • Will it work for me?
  • Can I do it?

When people see recognition posts, the social proof answers the questions above, and will often move them off the fence. Check out this example below of a recognition post that my pal Steven Krivda did.

Facebook posts

Story Post

The third type of Facebook post is a story post. Story posts are powerful because they allow you build a bond with your audience.

You want your audience to feel when they're reading your post “That's ME you're talking about!”

Your story posts can be either about you or someone you know.  

There are 2 keys to writing a compelling story post on Facebook. First, you need to be vulnerable and willing to share your struggle. Second, you need to create a first sentence that will grab your audience's attention.

Ray Higdon gives a great example of a story post where he shares his story.

Facebook posts

Engagement Posts

Engagement posts are very fun and easy to do. The purpose of Facebook engagement posts is to get interaction from your audience.

There are any ways to do this:

  • Funny photos saying “Caption This”
  • Fill in the blank posts
  • My favorite food 
  • My favorite superhero

Call to Action Post

The Call to Action post is one you should do less frequently because they do involve a pitch. The key is to be straight to the point.

Let people know EXACTLY what you're offering. Here are a couple of tips when creating call to action posts.

  • NO LINKS in your post because it will drop your reach and engagement
  • No mention of your company
  • No mention of your product name
  • No mention of buzzwords such as “ground floor”

My buddy Aron Parker is one of the best when it comes to creating a Call to Action Post. Here is an example of one where he's offering a free Instagram training. 

Facebook posts

Final Thoughts on 5 Profitable Facebook Posts

Did this help you? Which Facebook posts are you using right now to get people reaching out to you? Are there any that you haven't tried yet?

I'd really love to know! Leave a comment below and let's have a conversation!

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If you want more training from Ray and Jessica Higdon, I highly recommend that you join Ray and Jessica Higdon's Rank Makers community. It's a private Facebook group teaching network marketers the daily activities to get more leads, reps, and customers for your business.

Ray and Jessica teach you not to get addicted to whether people say “YES”, but to get addicted to the daily activities. When you get addicted to growing your skills, the results come naturally.

I've been a founding member and had one of my best days where I enrolled 6 customers in one day.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Check out the video below where Ray gives shares more about Rank Makers.

Facebook posts

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 Facebook posts

 Facebook posts

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