Today you'll learn 7 simple email marketing tips to make a small list pay big even if you're brand new and never created an email list before.

A limiting belief that holds many marketers back is thinking they need a huge email list to make money. 

My mentor, top home business expert Diane Hochman taught me that it's not the size of the list but how responsive it is.

Who is Diane Hochman?

Diane Hochman started her home business in 1999 to pay down $40,000 in credit card debt and to be a stay at home mom to her two daughters, Jillian and Sarah.

It wasn't easy for Diane in the beginning. She did everything, from spamming bathrooms around town to flyers on bulletin boards, and having little success.

Then, she was introduced to attraction marketing and learned how to write emails. And her business changed.

As a matter of fact, in one affiliate marketing program, Diane averages $785.37 per signup just by writing emails to her list. In another product launch, she made $11,000 in one hour just writing 2 emails to her list.

Never built an email list before? No worries! 

Before reading further, watch this video by Diane where she shows you how to do so with ease!

7 Email Marketing Tips

Diane beats out industry leaders who have email lists in the tens of thousands. Why?

You see, it's not the size of your list, but how responsive your list is. You can have a HUGE email list, but if nobody opens your email or clicks on your links, you won't make money. Period.

How does that work?

By getting personal. Here are 7 email marketing tips that will help you build a responsive list that will buy from you.

Tip #1: Answer Your Emails!

First, answer emails that you get from your list. When someone reads your latest email and takes the time to write to you – answer them.

You’ve only got 1,000 people on your list, so odds are only 5 to 10 will ever write to you at a time. Yes, you can do this.

Keep it personal.

Tip #2: Make it Exclusive

Second, let your list members know that they are part of a very small, intimate, private community by telling them. People LOVE to feel like they are part of something.

Otherwise they’ll assume you’re got a gazillion people on your list and don’t give a flying flip about any of them.

Tip #3: Email DAILY

Third, email them daily. Yes, DAILY.

Keep in constant contact with them. People's attention span's have shortened to less than 8 seconds.

If you're out of sight, you'll be out of mind.

Update them on the latest news and give a tidbit here and there about yourself

Tip #4 Show That You Care

Fourth, care about their success. If you really, truly care, then it will show in your emails to them.

Communicate how important they are and that you want to help them succeed in a big way.

Tip #5: Hold Q & A Sessions

Fifth, create a private Facebook group for your list and do a Q&A Facebook live for them.

Don’t charge anything, and let your subscribers know it is only for your list. You’re creating the feeling that they belong to a small, exclusive, private group.

Tip #6: Be Personal

Sixth, send out emails that start with something personal, such as, “Hi (name) – I wanted to contact you personally because I think you might be a good fit for my coaching program.”

Tip #7: Ask for Their Help

Seventh, ask for their help or opinion on something and then answer every response.

Doing these little things will keep your list engaged and interacting with you.

And when you send out an offer for just 10 people to get personalized coaching at $500 a month, what do you think will happen?

Odds are you’ll fill those slots in less than a day with no additional effort at all. You might even have a waiting list of people who didn’t make the first ten slots.

What happens when someone emails their list of 100,000 with the exact same offer? Surprisingly, there’s a good chance they’ll have trouble selling those ten slots, even though their list is 100 times bigger.

You can make great money with a small list when you take the time to get personal with your subscribers.

Final Thoughts on Email Marketing Tips

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email marketing tips

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 email marketing tips

 email marketing tips

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