The big question I've been hearing is “Doc, should I use Facebook messenger over email to build my list?” That's a GREAT question, and I'm going to give you my best answer in today's blog post.

Your list is one of the biggest assets in your business. When you build your list correctly it will allow you to make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business opportunity.

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Why Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Within the past year, more and more home business owners are using Facebook messenger marketing to get leads for their business. I really really like what Facebook is doing to make it easier for home business owners to get leads for their business.

I am personally being trained by my good friend and home business expert Mark Harbert on how to use Facebook messenger to build an engaged buyer's list.

facebook messengerHe shared some powerful reasons why Facebook messenger marketing is becoming the future of communication. Here were the biggest takeaways I learned from Mark why Facebook messenger marketing is powerful.

  • Out of the 7.5 BILLION people on Earth, 16% of the Earth's population is on Facebook Messenger
  • 1 Billion messages are exchanged monthly on Facebook Messenger
  • More people are using Facebook messenger than any other social media network site
  • Mark said that ignoring Facebook messages are like ignoring phone calls
  • Facebook messenger is becoming the primary mode of communication for many because it's free long distance
  • You can do audio, video, or text based message on Facebook messenger
  • Facebook messenger is poised to become an e-commerce powerhouse. You will be able to offer products/services via Facebook messenger.

Do We Avoid Building an Email List?

Absolutely NOT! Facebook messenger will NOT kill email marketing.

People still check email and people are used to being sent offers for products and services via email.  There is one big reason why you must build your email list.

You don't own your contacts on Facebook. They are the property of Facebook.

So, in the effect that Facebook goes away (highly unlikely), or your account for some reason gets shut down, you will lose those contacts. When you build your email list, that is yours to keep!

Like my other friend and mentor Diane Hochman says, “your email list is your home business insurance policy that will take care of you many times over.”

So use Facebook messenger with the intent of building relationships with people on Facebook with the intention to get them on your email list.

Make sure you stay tuned for future blog posts as I will show you how to use Facebook messenger marketing to help you build your email list.

Doc's Script for Facebook Messenger vs Email

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