I'm SUPER STOKED to share with you a super cool feature where you can add social media Facebook tabs to your Fan Page. This will help you build a highly engaged audience on social media which leads to targeted leads.

When done correctly, you'll not only generate leads for your business, you'll make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business opportunity

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Social Media Facebook Tabs

You've heard me say before that online marketing success is to build a highly engaged audience before you can sell to your audience. Facebook is leading to help you build that engaged following.

I am TOTALLY digging what Facebook has been doing with their Fan Page updates. They are giving businesses tools to build a highly engaged audience on a Fan Page versus a personal profile.

Facebook continues to be the go-to social media network that the majority of people will join, whether they are tech savvy or not. You can create a Facebook Fan Page that will be a “hub” for your other social media networks as well.

Let me explain.

Facebook doesn't want people to leave their network. Not to mention people are getting more and more lazy.

What Facebook allows you to do is create a social media Facebook tabs that allow your audience to check out what you have on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube WITHOUT leaving Facebook.

What's also cool is that your audience can also follow and subscribe to these social media networks WITHOUT leaving Facebook. 

So how do you create these social media Facebook tabs? Watch the video below and I'll show you!

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Doc's Script for Facebook Tabs

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Facebook Tabs


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 Facebook tabs

 Facebook tabs

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