Today you're going to learn how to identify your perfect Facebook target audience. When done correctly, you'll have people reaching out to YOU versus chasing down people.

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Why Network Marketers Fail

97% of network marketers fail because they are told that EVERYONE is their prospect. And in so doing, they will use the same status updates, create the same Facebook profiles just like their fellow distributors.

If you look at your Facebook newsfeed, it is likely cluttered with people bellyaching about politics or being pitched on the latest business opportunity. In other words, it becomes very NOISY.

One HUGE lesson I learned from top earners Ray and Jessica Higdon was everyone is not right for you, likewise, you are not right for everyone.

Ray and Jessica teach to leverage social media to your advantage by being unique based on your

  • Life situation (married, single, divorced, young/old, etc.)
  • Personality
  • Message

Your job on Facebook is to attract people with whom your message resonates strongly with.

target audience

Your Facebook Target Audience

The key to success on Facebook is to build and engage your audience before you can sell to your audience. When you know who your target audience is, you no longer have to chase people down. Rather, they seek YOU out.

Here are 5 questions to help you gain clarity to find your target audience

  • Who do you really want to help and work with?
  • What are their biggest pains/objections/struggles/fears that your product, service, and/or opportunity solves?
  • What are their dreams in life?
  • Who are some authorities, leaders, and other Facebook pages they follow?
  • What books/magazines do they read? Any other interests?

Here is an example of how you might answer these questions if you were in health/wellness.

target audience

Final Thoughts on Your Facebook Target Audience

Was this helpful?  What was your biggest takeaway to identify your Facebook target audience

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Go For NO for Network Marketers

If you want more training from Ray and Jessica Higdon, I highly recommend that you join Ray and Jessica Higdon's Rank Makers community. It's a private Facebook group teaching network marketers the daily activities to get more leads, reps, and customers for your business.

Ray and Jessica teach you not to get addicted to whether people say “YES”, but to get addicted to the daily activities. When you get addicted to growing your skills, the results come naturally.

I've been a founding member and had one of my best days where I enrolled 6 customers in one day.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Check out the video below where Ray gives you a tour of what's inside Rank Makers.

target audience

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target audience

 target audience

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