Did you know that “grinding” can be hazardous to your health? It's true and I paid the price for grinding. If you want to get more stuff in less time then you need to do this one thing daily.

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Get More Done in Less Time

I always found it fascinating how people brag on social media “grinding” their business. That is, they are up all night on little sleep as if it's a badge of honor.

To be honest, I thought that this was the key to success. And for 3 years I did this.

Then I had a HUGE realization. It didn't help me at all. As a matter of fact, I was more tired throughout the day, leading me to crave sweet foods and soda to keep awake.

The lack of sleep and bad eating habits led me to being hospitalized on 01/09/17 with Type 2 Diabetes.

Since then, I put more emphasis on my health and well being and now I get more done in less time.

In the video below I share more of my tips to inspire you to take care of your health. If you don't take care of your health you won't have the stamina and energy to impact the lives of others with your business.

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