Have you ever wondered what are the most important habits to have success in your business? In today's training you'll learn from Brendon Burchard 6 high performance habits that will help you.

Who is Brendon Burchard?

Brendon Burchard is a best selling author, coach, and trainer. His career in personal development started after a car accident. At age 27, he left his Corporate America job to pursue his dreams of being a writer.

He was written the #1 best selling books The ChargeMotivation ManifestoThe Millionaire Messenger, and Life's Golden Ticket.

6 High Performance Habits

The purpose of Brendon's book High Performance Habits was to answer three questions:

  • Why is it some people succeed faster than others?
  • Why is it that some people do that and are happy?
  • What motivates people to want to change and what habits make it stick?

He then did a study of high performers and came across 6 high performance habits that were related to success. Watch the short video below to learn the high performance habits.

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Habit #1: Clarity

High performers spend 74 minutes/week planning their days. They craft a vision for themselves centering around four key questions.

  • How would you love to describe yourself?
  • How would you behave socially?
  • What are the skills do you need to develop and demonstrate?
  • What service do you want to provide

At the end of the day they review these questions to determine what they did well during the day and what would they do differently tomorrow.

Habit #2: Generate Energy

While most people feel wiped out between 2-3 PM in the afternoon, successful people have learned to manage their transitions. They find time to rest and relax throughout the day.

Brendon recommends that you spend 40-60 minutes/day relaxing. This can involve exercise and/or meditation.

Habit #3: Raise Necessity

One of the most important high performance habits is to understand “WHY”. Why is it important you are to do well?

Some guiding questions to ask yourself are:

  • Whom are you doing this for?
  • Who needs me to be on my A game right now?

Habit #4: Increase Productivity

The fourth habit of high performers is they realize that the main thing is the main thing. They don't let distractions get in the way by focusing only on the steps that are important.

That's why having clarity is so important is it gives you focus.

Habit #5: Develop Influence

High performers not only love to learn but they teach and share what they've learned to challenge others around them how to think and to grow.

If you can impact someone’s life and thinking in a positive way, then you are an influencer.

Habit #6: Demonstrate Courage

During times of stress or uncertainty, high performers recognize and honor the strength in the struggle.  That's why they don't complain about the hard times that come, but understand it's part of the process.

They are not afraid to share who they are and what they stand for.

Doc's Thoughts on High Performance Habits

Did Brendon's habits help you?  What high performance habits resonated with you the most?

I'd love to know! Share it in the comments below and let's start a conversation!

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 high performance habits

 high performance habits

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