Today I was watching an amazing training by Jessica Higdon at the Top Earner Academy Live via live stream. I took plenty of notes, and what stood out for me were 2 Facebook scripts to get leads for your business.

If you're looking to grow your business using social media this will help you.

Jessica Higdon TEAL Takeaways

Before sharing these scripts, Jessica Higdon asked two questions to the audience.

  • First, how many are caught up in marketing that you're not prospecting?
  • Second, over the last 6 months, how many people have you actively prospected DAILY for the last 6 months? 

And I got to be honest with you, I haven't been prospecting as much as I should because I am apprehensive of approaching my Facebook friends.

Jessica then shared that success comes from doing just 2 simple functions:

  • Prospecting
  • Problem Solving

To get over your fear of prospecting Jessica says to ask yourself these 3 questions

  • “How can I solve people's problems today?”
  • “How can I serve?”
  • “How can I get more friends?”

Jessica Higdon 2 FB Scripts

Jessica then shared a simple way to connect with 10 people per day starting with your Facebook friends. The first thing you do is download your Friends and Followers from Facebook. To do this go to settings, then click on download a copy of your Facebook data.

Jessica Higdon

You will need to re-enter your Facebook password. Facebook will then send your information to your email address.

This will contain information on your Facebook friends and followers, including email addresses.

Once you have this data, start reaching out to your friends on Facebook with Facebook messenger. The goal is to seek conversations over conversions.

Social media is all about connecting to move people from cold to warm, to someone who wants to hear more about your opportunity.

Script #1: Friends You DON'T KNOW Personally

For those who you don't know personally on Facebook, Jessica recommends sending this type of message. Before you send this message take a look at their profile to find some status updates that resonate with you.

Make sure this sounds like you.

“Hey (first name), can I ask you a question? We've been friends on Facebook for (x) amount of time and I have never really connected, and I was wondering if you've been seeing my posts lately? Great to connect with you by the way. (Then give a compliment – e.g., I see you've got a baby girl she's absolutely beautiful, so do I).”

If they say “NO” they don't see your posts, reply with this.

“Oh weird. OK. FB settings are confusing LOL. I was wondering because you said “X” on your profile and thought my post may help…Well regardless it's good to connect!”

If they say “YES I see your posts”, reply with this.

“Oh OK Awesome! I am wondering if FB friends can see my stuff. I saw your profile you said (X) and thought some of my posts may help”

Script #2: Friends You KNOW Personally

For friends you personally know, you want to approach differently. You don't want to spend too much time building rapport, and Jessica recommends using something like this.

“Hey, just so you know catching up isn't the reason I reached out to you (although I do want to do that at some point), I remember you being (give them a meaningful compliment, such as super sharp and outgoing) and I immediately thought of you…I'd love to run an idea past you for a side project I'm doing, which wouldn't interfere with anything you have going on. Would you be open to taking a look or chatting?”

Just think of this. If you just reached out to 10 people every day, you will not only grow your warm market contacts by 3,650, but you could also enroll 60 new reps and/or customers into your business!

Doc's Thoughts on Jessica Higdon

Wasn't that helpful? Did you think of these scripts taught by Jessica Higdon at Top Earner Academy Live? 

I'd love to know! Share it in the comments below and let's start a conversation!

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Here are more network marketing resources by Ray Higdon that will help you get more leads, reps, and customers into your business with ease.

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Jessica Higdon


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