Do you fear rejection? So did Jia Jiang. He did a TED Talk sharing what he learned from 100 days of rejection.

This will help you out a LOT especially if you fear getting “NO's” in your network marketing business.

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Who is Jia Jiang?

The other day I opened up an email from my good friend and top earner Ray Higdon telling me to watch this TED Talk.

I love watching TED Talks as they always include speakers who help me grow personally and professionally.  Prior to watching this video I never heard of Jia Jiang.

Jia is the founder of Rejection Therapy and a featured TED Speaker. Jia started his career in the corporate world and then felt his true calling as an entrepreneur.

He soon found out there is one limiting belief that all entrepreneurs face. The fear of rejection.

Jia then did something quite unusual to help him get over the fear of rejection. For 100 days he would make strange requests to people he didn't know and then chronicled his experiences in a daily blog post.

During this experience he learns how asking for what you want can open way more doors than you would think. Watch the video below and get inspired!

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Doc's Thoughts on Jia Jiang

Did you find this helpful? What was your biggest takeaway you learned from Jia Jiang

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Jia Jiang

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 Jia Jiang

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