Want to recruit more business professionals in your business? In Part 4 of LinkedIn Marketing 101 you'll learn a simple 5 step recruiting formula that will help you enroll more business builders with ease.

If you haven't been through Parts 1-4 of LinkedIn Marketing 101, I suggest going through those first before proceeding.

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LinkedIn Marketing 101 Part 4

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LinkedIn Marketing – Connection Scripts

LinkedIn is more than just searching for jobs. It is an untapped goldmine for targeted leads. People are on LinkedIn for three reasons:

1) They want to talk about business

2) They want to learn about business

3) They want to find business ventures.

Connecting with people on LinkedIn is not the same as on other social media networks.

Inside the video below you'll learn a simple LinkedIn marketing introduction script that will help you make connections with people on LinkedIn with ease.

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Final Thoughts LinkedIn Marketing Recruiting

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