Today you're going to learn 4 simple live video marketing platforms to help you get leads starting today. If you're ready to start doing your first live video but don't know where to do it, this will help you.

Live stream videos are the most highly engaged form of content on social media. People will drop everything to watch a live stream video. When you're creating videos on a consistent basis you will find that you'll be able to make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business opportunity.

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4 Live Video Platforms

First, let me give you a HUGE shout out for starting your first live stream video! You're not letting fear hold you back! You're probably wondering where is the best platform to do your video?

There are many different live video platforms you can use to go online. We’re going to focus on four of the most popular ones, because those have the most viewership and are generally the easiest to use.

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Doc's Prescription for Live Video Platforms

Did this help you? Which of the four live video platforms do you use? 

Which one are you going to start doing? Let's keep the conversation going!

Here's my prescription for getting started with your live video. I recommend Facebook because you can do a live stream video either from your desktop or laptop. Furthermore, your audience will have a Facebook account before having any of the other social media accounts I mentioned in the video.

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live video platforms

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 live video platforms

 live video platforms

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