Today's training is going to show you how to leverage MLSP training and Facebook live to get leads for your business. If you're wondering about joining My Lead System Pro (MLSP) or how you can use MLSP to grow your business, this will help you.

MLSP Training and Facebook Live

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is an affiliate program that helps home business owners get leads and sales for their business using attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is learning how to leverage the internet the right way to attract your perfect lead to you instead of you chasing them down.

MLSP trainingMLSP gives you not only the training, but the tools you need to get your business started off right. One of the biggest features they have is their system campaigns. 

These are MLSP trainings you can give away to help people get leads for their business. These trainings consist of video and/or PDF's that explain how to leverage the internet the right way to get leads.

Here are some of the trainings they cover:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Live Videos
  • How to Prospect on Facebook
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Twitter Training
  • YouTube Marketing

These trainings are not sales pitches. It's a great way to introduce people to the value of becoming a member of the MLSP community.

Two big questions I get from people about MLSP are:

  • Why should I promote MLSP
  • How do I promote MLSP to other people?

Why Should You Promote MLSP

One of the biggest reasons that 97% of home business owners give up and quit is they don't know how to follow up with people who say “NO” to joining their business. 

For most people, when they hear the word “NO”, they stop the conversation. You will encounter many people online who are happy with their company.

However, there are two big challenges for home business owners:

  • Generating leads after they've gone through their warm market of friends and family
  • Making money

With that said, most people you talk to are looking for a way to generate more leads online. My Lead System Pro helps you make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business opportunity.  

How do I Promote MLSP Training?

Let's say that you talked to someone about your business and they said “NO” to joining your business. You can follow up with this question, “Great! Just curious, how are you generating leads online?”

Most people you talk to will have no idea how to do so, and that's when you can offer an MLSP training to help them get leads. When they see the value, they will want to become a member. And when they become a member or purchase a product you recommend, you will get paid a commission.

Now here's another great way you can leverage an MLSP training to get leads using Facebook live. In the video below, top MLSP affiliate Mark Harbert will walk you through step by step how to use a MLSP training and turn it into a FB live to attract people to you.

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Final Thoughts on MLSP Training

Wasn't that helpful? Do you see how easy it is to use MLSP to get more leads? 

What was your biggest takeaway you had from the video?

I'd really like to know! Make sure you leave a comment below and share on Facebook to keep the discussion going.

Before you go make sure you check out some other MLSP training that can help you get leads using Facebook.

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If you're struggling and trying to find a way to make your business work for you, I highly suggest that you become a member of the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) community. When you become a member of this community you will also receive a 1 hour free coaching session ($397 value) to create a realistic action plan to transform your network marketing business.

Right now you can take a 10 day test drive for just $10. I've been a member of this community since 2013 and it was the best investment I ever made in myself and in my business.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started today and welcome to the family!

mlsp training

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 mlsp training

mlsp training

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