On this page you will find all the resources that I recommend for doing business online. Just know that if it's on this page, I have used these products and give it my full endorsement. 

In order to create a highly engaged list of raving fan customers you need to have an autoresponder. This is the software I use to keep track of my subscribers since 2010. It's the easiest and most user friendly especially for those who are newbies and don't have a lot of tech savvy.  Take your 30 day free test trial today.

If you're looking to get fresh prospects to talk to today about your opportunity, get sales, and signups, and even make money from the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business, this is for you!

Are you looking to do Facebook ads but don't know where to start? In this course you'll a simple 3-step formula to create a Facebook engagement ad for leads and sales for YOUR business in the next 24 hours (or less). Learn how to INSTANTLY get prospects to talk to who are interested in YOUR products and services.


Are you fed up with offline and online recruiting strategies that are taking up hours of your time, but are not producing results? Finally get fresh “pre-qualified” prospects daily and automated sales and sign-ups without the tech headaches (no website, no blog, and no ads required) using a simple 3-step plan to unleash a “messenger bot” to filter leads, close sales, and grow your business while you sleep.

Love Instagram? Learn how to get hyper-engaged followers, prospects, customers, and sign-ups without paid ads WITHOUT having to spend countless hours creating content, learning complicated software, managing a blog, or having dead-end conversations on social media even if you're a newbie.

Want a massive amount of people to talk to everyday? Discover the fastest way to generate 100% automated leads to get customers, recruit leaders, rank-up, and dominate the leaderboards in YOUR company all WITHOUT having to pay a single penny for ads!

Yes, the money is in your list, but the fortune is in how you manage, write to, and communicate with your list. In this course you'll learn how to transform even the tiniest list into a cash-flow residual machine with this simple 6-step formula starting today!

If you're looking to start pulling in hyper responsive leads in as little as 1 hour using simple videos on social media without spamming, feeling salesy, or ruining your repetition this masterclass is for you.

Looking to start blogging? Not only do you get the most professional blogging course, but you also get a 30 day FREE trial of a professional self-hosted WordPress blog in 1 click.

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