On this page you will find all the resources that I recommend for doing business online. Just know that if it's on this page, I have used these products and give it my full endorsement. 

In order to create a highly engaged audience of raving fan customers who buy from you over and over again you need to build a customer list. The number one tool you need for your business is an autoresponder.

For over 15 years, Aweber's opt-in email marketing system has helped over 120,000+ businesses raise profits and build customer relationships.

This is is the software I use to help keep track of my 2,000+ subscribers. I have been using Aweber since 2010 and it's one of the easiest and most responsive autoresponders on the market. Take your 30 day free test trial today.

Post Planner is a social media publishing and scheduling tool. It helps you find and schedule content that will help you build your audience.

  • Helps you find top tier content in your niche that are proven to get engagement
  • Built in analytics to help you determine which pieces of content get the most likes, comments, and shares
  • Can upload posts in bulk
  • Post to multiple Facebook Fan Pages, your personal wall, and different Twitter accounts simultaneously
  • You can also recycle posts that get the most engagement 
  • And much more

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) just completed their first EVER ‘Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit' with 40 of the biggest names in the home business profession… and you can get LIFETIME INSTANT ACCESS to EVERYTHING!

All 40 of these speakers have built their empires and fortunes embracing ‘Attraction Marketing' principles…

And you can unlock their greatest untold secrets to attract an endless flow of fresh prospects, customers, and reps to YOUR business!

Check out some of the speakers in this lineup!

  • Diane Hochman
  • Ray Higdon
  • David Sharpe
  • Doug Firebaugh
  • Vince Reed
  • Lisa Grossmann
  • Cedric Harris
  • Matt Morris
  • Jonathan Budd
  • John and Nadya Melton
  • Amber Voigt
  • Ann Sieg
  • Tyson Zahner
  • Rachel Jackson
  • Mike Dillard
  • And many, many more!

You get access to their PDF playbooks, audio, and video recordings of each speaker, plus additional bonuses.

FACT: without a fresh flood of interested prospects every single day, you are out of business. This training will forever solve this problem and fill your pipeline with hungry BUYERS who already want what you have to offer.

This 67 minute straight to the point video tutorial will give you a paint-by-numbers step-by-step formula to get over your fear of ads, get your ad LIVE, and get into profit FAST!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • By minute 11, discover the #1 reason why 99% of marketers FAIL with Facebook paid ads (and our simple solution to open the flood-gates for unlimited leads for YOUR business with FB ads)
  • By minute 15, unlock 4 ninja targeting tips to reach YOUR ideal perfect customer who will BUY YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES!(these audience targeting hacks are almost unfair to your competitors)
  • By minute 31, see the exact image one of our clients used to get 951 comments on ONE post for less than $5 per day (she turned off the ad because she couldn't keep up with the amount of leads… imagine the feeling!)
  • By minute 32, avoid the 2 deadly mistakes marketers make with FB comments that will cause you to lose money on your ads (we'll give your our blueprint to turn FB comments into customers)
  • By minute 40, connect your Facebook ad to a free ‘bot' that can respond to your comments on autopilot for INSTANT communication and a huge bump in sales… and YOU join the conversation whenever you want.
  • By minute 43, we are going to dazzle you with a LIVE Facebook Ads DEMO and walkthrough to get your engagement ad (and FB bot) setup so you can get traffic, leads, sales, and CASH in the next 24 hours!

Do you have a blog?

Or do you ever create and publish content online? Chances are this affects you…

A recent study revealed that 81% of bloggers never even make $100. That is a tiny number… which is a BIG problem.   Why? 

Because you are missing critical pieces of the puzzle that will keep you struggling for years. To build authority, dominate your niche, and start making tens of thousands of dollars a month, you must follow a very specific (yet simple) process.

You are going to learn this simple process from blogging expert Ray Higdon, who mastered this simple process to go from being in personal foreclosure to averaging 73 sales/day with his blog.  

He is going to share this exact formula with you. Purchase this course and you'll get a 30 day FREE trial to the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Community and get access to their blogging platform. 


Don't have the time to blog, do videos, or spending hours prospecting on social media?

I got you covered! In the four part training course Justice Eagan is going to walk you through step by step how to use a little known Facebook marketing strategy to get same say leads, enrollments, and sales.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • 5 simple steps to getting highly qualified prospects to reach out to you in as little as 24 hours (NO prospecting, content creation, or even website necessary)
  • Exactly how a profitless newbie used this strategy to enroll 9 new people in 30 days and rank advance twice in his business.
  • How to trade a Starbucks Latte for 5 interested prospects daily (FYI: this has NOTHING to do with doing coffee shop one on one presentations).
  • And much, much more

In this 6 module course you will know EVERYTHING to end lead scarcity leveraging one of the most powerful websites on the internet, Instagram!

Here is what you will learn:

Instagram Foundation 101 – Understanding the in's & out's of Instagram and what to do (and not do) toleverage Instagram for FREE leads 4 Life!

The step-by-step playbook to set up your Instagram profile & bio fast so people actually click your link andYOU GET LEADS from Instagram!

The different types of Instagram accounts you can have (make this common fatal mistake and you can kiss your Instagram account goodbye)

Secret strategy to link your Instagram account to your FaceBook, and create a viral presence that can triple your INSTA-traffic overnight.

And so much more… Set yourself up for success on Instagram from day one!

Every top earner and producer in the industry does video marketing because it's the easiest and quickest way to establish yourself as an authority and expert in the marketplace.  

You have the opportunity to step Inside the mind of a cutting-edge video marketer to get new leads, sales, and sign ups even if you're a newbie.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why you'd be insane NOT to add online video marketing to your arsenal and become a mini-celebrity in your niche that people flock to… 
  • The bare bones facts of how over ½ of the entire internet population (BILLIONS) is obsessed with video (And HOW to get them to respond very strongly to YOUR videos)…
  • How to Get Rid of Your Fear of the Camera: The ONLY sure-fire trick that actually works to once and for all to FINALLY OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF THE CAMERA (Even if you've hated the way you look and sound your entire life!)
  • The number one market research question you have to ask yourself if you want to get the exact people who are ALREADY interest in your products and opportunity to take rapid action and hit the BUY button
  • How and Where to Spy On Your Target Market: I'll demonstrate live… right in front of your face what I've done literally hundreds of times to research and tap right into my markets most pressing problems.
  • How to answer the exact questions in your prospects mind that they've been struggling with for weeks, months, or maybe even years! (This will make them look at YOU as their savior)
  • Why you don't actually NEED a camera at all! I'll show you how to use what you've already got right at your disposal to get started and still LOOK LIKE A PRO. (Warning: This eliminates one of the top excuses you might be using)
  • How to create a video intro that makes you look like a seasoned pro (even if you're not) and suck your viewers in like teenage girls watching a ‘One Direction' video… 
  • And much more


If you are not making money right now in your business, SOMETHING IS MISSING – AND IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT! Top home business expert Ray Higdon in 2009 was in foreclosure and mastered this one skill that took him to making over $7 million in sales today.

What was it? Learning how to monetize every conversation you have with a prospect, whether it's on the phone or social media.

In this 19 lesson course you will learn:

  • How to get over your phone fear and talking to people about your business.
  • How to get past your fear of rejection.
  • How to follow up and close with your leads
  • Overcoming objections
  • How to attract your perfect prospect using social media
  • What not to do on social media
  • And much more!

You have heard it said that the money is in the list. But, did you know that you can make money with just 100 subscribers on your list? 

Meet Diane Hochman. Diane is a stay at home mom who works from home full time and is able to win affiliate contests like clockwork. How? She communicates with her list in such a way that they buy from her over and over again. 

In fact she was able to recruit over 100 people into her business in one weekend and average $783.57 in profit per signup, just by writing emails to her list.

In this 6 module course you will learn:

  • Learn the #1 online asset for your business and use it to generate profits
  • How to create a signature file that get people emotionally attached to your brand .
  • 5 types of emails that will bond your prospects to you like glue and pull the right people towards you!
  • 5 types of emails that get your subscribers to click the link in your e-mails almost every single time
  • How to work your business in under 2 hours per day
  • And much more!

Are you struggling to get leads for your business? Learn the secrets from industry expert Mark Harbert who went from broke corporate sales guy to generating over build a list of 47,000+ laser-targeted prospects and a 6 figure business.

In this 6 module course you will learn:

  • Learn the fundamentals of attraction marketing where people will seek you out.
  • Sales funnel basics and Mark will build your first sales funnel TOGETHER .
  • The secrets to effective follow-up with your e-mail autoresponder so that you can make sales on autopilot 24x7 even in your sleep (the fortune is in the follow-up… and in this case it's automated)!
  • How to get leads with YouTube and Facebook
  • Little known traffic methods to get red hot leads
  • And much more!

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