Are you struggling to make sales on your affiliate offers? Today I'm going to share with you a secret that the top earners use to craft bonuses that will put more money in your bank account with ease.

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Secret to Creating Bonuses

I’m sure that you understand that adding bonuses to an offer will drive up sales.

Ever watch one of Sports Illustrated ads when a team wins the Super Bowl or World Series? They promote the BONUSES over the initial offer.

People LOVE bonuses and to get more than what they're paying for. However, what most people don’t realize is that including the wrong bonuses will decrease sales. The reason is that the wrong offer will often confuse the customer.

The most successful marketers know how to get people to desire the bonus MORE than the initial product. How do they do that?

In the video below I will share with you one simple secret that the top affiliate marketers use consistently that tips the scales that make people want to buy. And you will now have that power too!

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Final Thoughts on Creating Bonuses

Did this help you? Did this video help take the worry out of creating bonuses?

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