Do you struggle with getting more eyeballs on your presentation? In this video I'll share with you a very simple script that you can use with your cold market that will get more people open to watching your presentation.

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Cold Market Script

Prospecting is the most important skill you need to develop as a network marketer. However, many people equate prospecting with building rapport prior to asking if they are open to your product or business opportunity.

This was something I struggled with in my network marketing business. I did what my sponsors told me to do in building rapport.

However, the longer I built rapport, the more my fear and anxiety rose when it came time to “pop the question” to see if they're open. 

Then I went through a training with my mentor Ray Higdon who taught me that taking time building rapport is not duplicatable because most people are shy. 

Ray showed me a simple cold market prospecting script that helped me increase my results and I wound up enrolling more reps and customers into my business.

I explain the script in the video below.

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