Did you know that Sir Richard Branson is dyslexic? That disability did not hold him back.

Today you'll learn how he defied his teacher's odds and became one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world.

Who is Sir Richard Branson?

You have probably seen him as the owner of Virgin Airlines and Records, going on exotic adventures, and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Richard Branson is quite a brilliant man and one of the most innovative entrepreneurs and leaders.   

What you may not know is that he's dyslexic and dropped out of school. His teachers thought he was lazy. 

Watch the video below to learn more about his story.

Lessons from Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson gave us some important lessons from his story that we can use in our home business. 

First, turn your weakness into a strength. Sir Richard's weakness was his dyslexia. Instead of believing what he's teachers thought of him, he went to the library to work on his reading skills. 

Branson also said, that his dyslexia was a gift because it taught him to simplify things. He learned to be concise and taught his team and employees to get to the point. It made him more productive.

If you have a weakness, how can you turn it into a strength that can impact people for the better?

Second, embrace failure. Richard Branson failed more times than he could count. But, within each failure, he learned and adapted.

There is no such thing as failure. You with win or you learn.

Third, challenge yourself. Sir Richard's empire started very small. He kept asking himself what could he do to make it bigger and better to make a bigger impact.

That's the beauty of a home business. You can start small and scale it to grow into an empire that can impact people around the world. Sir Richard LOVES home business entrepreneurs.

Watch the video below he did with Eric Worre about his thoughts on network marketing. He shares even more powerful insights and lessons.

Doc's Thoughts on Sir Richard Branson

Did you find this helpful? What was your biggest takeaway you learned from Sir Richard Branson

I'd love to know! 

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 I suggest whenever you feel like giving up, watch this video and get inspired all over again.

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 Sir Richard Branson

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