Today you are going to learn my secret trick to increasing social media engagement. This technique is so simple that it's often overlooked.

Before we get into the training, let me share with you some social media engagement statistics that will astound you.

Social Media Engagement Statistics

Those statistics are very telling, especially with Facebook engagement. Why?

We have forgotten what the spirit of social media is.

People don't go on social media to buy something. They want to be social Click To Tweet

The Spirit of Social Media Engagement

I recently was on a webinar by my good friend and video marketing expert Mark Harbert. Mark stated that the main reason people go on social media is to connect with others.

As marketers we fall in love with the idea of using social media advertising by putting our links out there. You need to treat your links to your product, service, or business like precious jewels.

You want to hand them out to people who WANT to see them! It cuts down on your rejection rate as well as you are honoring the terms of service of the social media networks.

So how do you get people to ask you for the link? Simple.


My Simple Social Media Engagement Technique

I learned this technique from one of my good friends Lisa Torres Allen. She used this technique to personally enroll 2-5 new members into her business per week.

social media engagementThe first thing I noticed when using this technique was how easy it was to do. Since using this technique, I am generating an extra 8-10 leads per day, and I've seen my sales double.

The best part is I can do this in only 7 minutes per day and with ZERO ad spend.

Ready to learn it?

First, look at your Facebook friendship requests and make sure they are legitimate. Not the ones who are looking for marriage proposals.

Second, send a private Facebook message that goes like this:

“Hi (NAME). It's (YOUR NAME). Thanks for the friend request. What inspired you to connect with me?”

This is POWERFUL. Why?

Because they are going to tell you why they connected with you in the first place!  Furthermore, you're going to get more data to find out what people are liking about your profile.

This will allow you to tweak it to attract even MORE people.

Now after they respond, RESIST the urge to send them a link. Your job now is to keep the conversation going.  

Remember, it's all about social media ENGAGEMENT. 

Make sure you stop by tomorrow because I'll share with you the questions to ask to keep the conversation going where they will beg you to see your link!

Did this help you? If so, leave a comment below and share it with your friends on Facebook.

 social media engagement

social media engagement

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