Wondering if you should purchase Ultimate Tweet Leverage? In today's post, I'll share some things about the course that nobody tells you about. If you're looking for a way to get leads for your business part time with no advertising budget, this will help you.

What is Ultimate Tweet Leverage?

Ultimate Tweet Leverage is a course created by top earners Todd and Leah Getts which shows you step by step how to generate leads on Twitter with no ad spend or learning complicated SEO.

It is the exact strategy Todd and Leah used to go from struggling network marketers to generating over 25,000 leads and over 400 reps into their business.

Why Was This Course Created?

Ultimate Tweet Leverage

Todd and Leah spending quality time with their boys

Todd and Leah started their home business three years ago because they wanted to spend time with their young son. Todd had a 6 figure career, but was on the road 20 hours a week.

It was very hard for Todd to leave his young son and Leah at home, feeling like he was missing out on the big milestone's of his son's life. Todd and Leah failed miserably their first year in network marketing.

They were told by their sponsors to approach their warm market and went through that quickly. When they went back to their sponsor to ask the next step, they were told to go back and talk to their warm market again.

Out of frustration they turned to the internet to generate leads. They initially started with Facebook ads, but soon realized that Facebook was rejecting their ads because Facebook doesn't allow network marketing ads.

With the addition of a second young son, they didn't have the time to spend prospecting on Facebook groups. They then turned to Twitter to generate leads.

For two years, they learned how to leverage Twitter using automated tools, and soon began generating 32+ leads/day for their business.

In this course they walk you through step by step how to set this up.

What is in the Course?

Ultimate Tweet Leverage is based on a three step philosophy to generating leads. First, you must build your audience. Second, you must engage your audience, and finally, you then sell to  your audience. 

Many people fail because they don't know how to build and engage an audience. The course is broken down into 10 modules, with each course building upon the other.

  • Module 1: Marketing Basics (Why People Buy)
  • Module 2: Twitter Quick Start Guide 
  • Module 3: Free Methods to Find Followers
  • Module 4: How to Get Followers FAST
  • Module 5: Types of Tweets to get Traffic
  • Module 6: How to Turn Twitter into a Lead Machine
  • Module 7: How to Get Automated Traffic and Leads
  • Module 8: Advanced Automation Strategies
  • Module 9: Fine Tuning Your Tweet Machine
  • Module 10: Full Automation for Mac Users

They also have included the following bonuses

  • How to set up and configure your automation tools
  • Private Facebook Group
  • MP3 audios of each module
  • Mastermind Recordings sharing more Twitter strategies
  • 2,409 Inspirational picture quotes
  • 37,268 tweetable text quotes
  • How to set up your blog
  • How to set up your YouTube account

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek into the Ultimate Tweet Leverage course.

Click Here to Purchase Ultimate Tweet Leverage

Who is Ultimate Tweet Leverage For?

This course will help network marketers, affiliate marketers, direct selling, or a standard brick and mortar business. If you can build and engage your audience the right way, selling to your audience becomes easy.

In the first module, Todd and Leah walk you through step by step how to attract your perfect prospect to you.

How Soon Do I Get Leads From This Training?

There is a bit of work to do in the beginning to get everything set up, from your Twitter profile to your automated tools. It may take you a weekend, or it may take you a week.

Once it's set up it will do the bulk of the heavy lifting for you, helping you get leads 24/7/365 while you're sleeping, at work, or out doing fun family things.

This is perfect for you especially if you have only have a few hours each week to devote to your business. You can now spend time following up with people who WANT to talk to you rather than wasting time and hours prospecting on Facebook.

Here's my best advice for you. As you go through each module, complete the exercises contained in each video. 

If you get stuck along the way, there is a private Facebook group you can join as part of the bonus. Todd and Leah are very active in that group and will answer any questions you may have.

Can Someone Who's Not Tech Saavy Do It?

YES! In Module 2, Todd and Leah walk you through how to use the Twitter platform. When it comes to setting up the automated tools, the video tutorials are very short.

Todd and Leah also include written checklists to help you configure your settings so you can start getting results quickly. If you need help, you can get answers in the Facebook group.

Are There Any Upsells?

There are 2 upsells with this course. The first is a comprehensive course on how to use automated tools to get leads on Instagram, and the second is a more comprehensive marketing package.

These upsells are totally optional.

Why Use Twitter?

If you've noticed, organic reach on Facebook has declined from 49% to an average of 6%. This is intended for steer people to do Facebook advertising.

Twitter is one of the few places where you can build a huge following with ZERO ad spend. As a matter of fact, Gary Vaynerchuck recommends that brand new businesses start with Twitter for their social media platform over Facebook. 

Does Ultimate Tweet Leverage Work?

Check out the testimonials below:

How Can I NOT Get Leads or Make Money With This Course?

Here's a few things I see from people who have NOT been successful after completing Ultimate Tweet Leverage

First, they become overwhelmed because they can't learn the tools. Here's the thing.  If you focused your time and energy learning and taking action on the material, you would have it set up and working for you.

Second, they compare their results to others taking the course. What they fail to realize is other students of this course have worked harder. Those who have achieved success with this training, were willing to make mistakes and keep going until they succeeded. They adopted the mindset “I'll figure it out and keep going UNTIL I succeed.”

Finally, looking for the quick fix. You will NOT get the same results as the Getts or other students right off the bat. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your business. 

It took Todd and Leah 2 years to start seeing tangible results with this system. Ultimate Tweet Levereage can create a sustainable way for you to build an online brand, get leads and make sales over time.

How do I Get Ultimate Tweet Leverage?

Ultimate Tweet Leverage comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, and you have the option of either paying up front or on installment plans.

If you can, I suggest paying up front as you will save more money.

You can pick up the course by clicking here.

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Ultimate Tweet Leverage

 Ultimate Tweet Leverage

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