Today you're going to learn a simple 4 step video creation formula to generate 8-10 leads/day for your home business. If you're brand new to video marketing or are frustrated that nobody's watching your videos, this will help you.

Using this formula will not only get you laser targeted leads, but you will also make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business opportunity.

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Why Video Marketing?

If you're not doing videos to grow your business you're leaving a LOT of money on the table. Put it to you this way – if you're not doing videos your competition will take your leads and sales from you.


Because outside of meeting people face to face, there is no other medium online that builds the know, like, and trust factor than video. Video is the most consumed form of content online. Think about why Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video are so popular today.

When you look at a home business it's all about building relationships and nothing builds a relationship online like video.  98% of people who purchase online say they watched a video before they made a decision to purchase

video creation formula

4 Part Video Creation Formula

One of the biggest reasons people do not succeed in video marketing is they do not guide their viewer through a series of steps that makes them want to opt-into your lead capture page.

I learned this simple 4 part video creation formula from video marketing expert Mark Harbert. This video creation formula works across all video formats, from Facebook Live to YouTube. 

It is this formula that has helped me generate 8-10 leads/day using video. Watch the video below to learn how to use the formula. 

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Doc's Prescription to Video Creation Formula

Wasn't that helpful? Are you feeling a sigh of relief that you can now create videos with speed, pleasure, and ease?

What was your biggest takeaway from the video? Leave a comment below and let's keep the discussion going!

Now, if you're brand new to video marketing and don't know where to begin, make sure you watch this training by Mark Harbert. Mark will teach you how to create simple videos that will get you leads on autopilot.

video creation formula

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 video creation formula

 video creation formula

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