Do you know the story behind Walt Disney? He was broke, homeless, and had a TON of failures. 

Then, he met a princess, and together they won 23 Oscars. We can draw a lot of inspiration from this man. 

Who is Walt Disney?

For most of us, we grew up on Walt Disney. I remember as a kid watching every Sunday night on ABC “The Wonderful World of Disney” and the “Mickey Mouse Club”.

It was a very big treat to go to the movies and see “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King”, and “Aladdin”.

And the wonder of visiting Disney World or Disney Land and seeing the iconic castle and forgetting your troubles.

Success never came easily for Walt Disney. Watch the video below to learn more of his story.

Wasn't that a powerful video? There are two big takeaways I learned from the video.

The first takeaway was how Disney learned after every failure. He used it as a stepping stone for creating success. 

Takeaway number two was his belief in his dream. He did not compromise and kept moving forward even in the toughest of times.

How powerful is your vision? Does it keep you moving forward even on those days when you want to quit?

Doc's Thoughts on Walt Disney?

Did you find this helpful? What was your biggest takeaway you learned from Walt Disney? Curious, who is your favorite Disney character?

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Walt Disney

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 Walt Disney

 Walt Disney

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