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Sunday, May 12th, 2019

We kicked off the week learning  big difference between haters and naysayers. And thanks to Grant Cardone I learned an important distinction between the two.

Before reading Grant Cardone's Book “Be Obsessed or Be Average” I always thought that haters and naysayers were synonymous.

Boy was I wrong!

When I read Grant's book, he devoted an entire chapter to knowing the distinctions between haters vs naysayers.

They create doubt and will derail your business before you even get started.

In the video below I will share with you what the critical distinction is between the two and how you can use it to fuel your business results.

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Monday, May 13th, 2019

On Monday I shared with you why you must use multi-touch marketing in your business.

Since the advent of the mobile phone, people's attention spans have been decreasing rapidly. According to a recent study, people's attention span's are now 8 seconds. A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

What does this tell you? Mobile technology has unintended consequences and we need to get people's attention quickly within 8 seconds.

To get on people's radar, we need to be using multi-touch marketing.

In the video below we will cover the following topics in multi-touch marketing:

  1. What is multi-touch marketing
  2. Why it's important
  3. The number one objective when using multi-touch marketing

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Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

On Tuesday I shared with you how to break out of your comfort zone once and for all.

Your greatest success lies outside of your comfort zone. How do you still know if you're in your comfort zone?

In Grant Cardone's book “Be Obsessed or Be Average” he outlines questions that will help you determine if you're still operating in your comfort zone.

In the video below I share with you the guiding questions from the book that impacted me in my home business and how it will help you too.

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

On Wednesday I shared with you the #1 sales secret for home business owners that will help you make more sales in your business.

The #1 sales secret doesn't come from the perfect script or marketing funnel. As a matter of fact, you do this already in your life right now.

Think back to a time when you saw a movie or attended a restaurant that just blew you out of the water.

What did you do? You talked it up? Did you get into features and specifics?

Of course not! You talked about how it made you FEEL.

People buy on emotions first and justify later with logic.

In the video below I elaborate more on how to utilize the sales secret.

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Thursday, May 16th, 2019

On Thursday I shared with you how the phrase underpromise and overdeliver can potentially cripple your business.

McGraw Hill defines underpromise and overdeliver as “is a service strategy in which service providers strive for excellent customer service and satisfaction by doing more than they say they will for the customer or exceeding customer expectations.”

However, this can also be a point where it can hold you back from success. In Grant Cardone's book “Be Obsessed or Be Average” he devotes a whole chapter to how underpromise and overdeliver can actually cripple your business.

In the video below I break my takeaways I learned from Grant.

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Friday, May 17th, 2019

We capped off the week sharing with you 2 takeaways I learned from Grant Cardone to building a team.

Before reading Grant Cardone's Book “Be Obsessed or Be Average” I always thought I had to do everything in my business to build a team and look for all of the free ways to do so.

In the end, free became the most expensive.

In the video below I'll break down 2 huge takeaways I learned from Grant Cardone from building a team.

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Did you enjoy these trainings from last week? Which training resonated with you the most this week?

What will YOU do differently in the coming week that will help you build your brand and legacy because of what you've learned this week?

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