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The trainings this week focus on how to use attraction marketing, secret sources for Twitter followers, product reviews, and some mindset training to help you grow your business.

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Sunday, May 6th, 2018

We kicked off the week learning how Robert Downey Jr. turned his life around from drug addict to Iron Man

On the road to sobriety, most filmmakers wouldn't hire Downey because of the HUGE insurance costs to keep him on set due to past behavior. It wasn't until Mel Gibson personally underwrote Downey's liability insurance so the actor could star in the 2003 film The Singing Detective.

Four years later it lead to playing Tony Stark and Iron Man. Today he stars in the blockbuster hit Avengers Infinity War.

Monday, May 7th, 2018

On Monday we took a tour of the back office behind My Lead System Pro's new course “Attraction Marketing Bundle.”

MLSP created the Attraction Marketing Bundle because they have seen so many network marketers struggle to get leads and sales online. Leads are the lifeblood to your business. If you're not generating leads on a daily basis your home business will not survive.

Many home business owners are not being taught the right way to generate leads online. They resort to turning their Facebook profiles into online advertising boards, resulting from friends and family blocking them on Facebook to Facebook banning their accounts.

This course consists of an 88 minute audio, and 62 page PDF to break down what attraction marketing is and what to do to step by step to get results.

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek of what the PDF guide is and to listen to a sample of the 88 minute audio.

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

On Tuesday My Lead System Pro (MLSP) co-founder Brian Fanale answered the following question “If you build it, will they come?”

Leads are the lifeblood for your business. If you don't have people to talk to on a daily basis, you will not succeed.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) co-founder recently did a wakeup call for the My Lead System Pro community where he shared the key to the phrase “if you build it will they come“, centers around learning basic marketing strategies.

Listen to the call below where he shares some simple tips to attract the right audience to you.

Listen to Brian's Wakeup Call Below

After listening to the wakeup call, watch the Facebook live stream Brian did immediately afterwards where he answers questions and provides more insights to grow your business.

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

On Wednesday we learned from my friend and top earner Diane Hochman how to change the results in your business by adopting the “I don't buy that” mentality.

Diane started her home business back in 1999 because she wanted to stay home and raise her two daughters. 

Diane struggled in her business in the beginning. Then she had the opportunity to be mentored by the late great Jim Rohn. Jim taught her one of the biggest lessons in her marketing career. 

She shared this powerful lesson in a wakeup call to the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) community You can listen to the call below. 

Listen to Diane's Wakeup Call Below

After listening to the wakeup call, watch the Facebook live stream Diane did immediately afterwards where she answers questions and provides more mindset training to help you get results

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Thursday, May 10th, 2018

On Thursday we learned 4 secret sources for Twitter followers from top earners Todd and Leah Getts that will get you 32+ leads/day with ZERO ad spend.

Online marketing success centers around a 3 step process. You must first buildan audience, then engage your audience before you can sell to your audience.

In the video below, my pals Todd and Leah Getts share their 4 secret sources to get highly targeted Twitter followers.

This strategy allowed them to generate over 25,000 leads and enroll over 400 reps into their business.  Best part is, it's done on almost 100% complete autopilot.

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Friday, May 11th, 2018

We capped off the week answering questions about Todd and Leah Gett's new course Ultimate Tweet Leverage as well as taking a tour of the back office.

Ultimate Tweet Leverage is a course created by top earners Todd and Leah Getts which shows you step by step how to generate leads on Twitter with no ad spend or learning complicated SEO.

It is the exact strategy Todd and Leah used to go from struggling network marketers to generating over 25,000 leads and over 400 reps into their business.

The course is broken down into 10 modules, with each course building upon the other.

  • Module 1: Marketing Basics (Why People Buy)
  • Module 2: Twitter Quick Start Guide 
  • Module 3: Free Methods to Find Followers
  • Module 4: How to Get Followers FAST
  • Module 5: Types of Tweets to get Traffic
  • Module 6: How to Turn Twitter into a Lead Machine
  • Module 7: How to Get Automated Traffic and Leads
  • Module 8: Advanced Automation Strategies
  • Module 9: Fine Tuning Your Tweet Machine
  • Module 10: Full Automation for Mac Users

They also have included the following bonuses

  • How to set up and configure your automation tools
  • Private Facebook Group
  • MP3 audios of each module
  • Mastermind Recordings sharing more Twitter strategies
  • 2,409 Inspirational picture quotes
  • 37,268 tweetable text quotes
  • How to set up your blog
  • How to set up your YouTube account

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek into the Ultimate Tweet Leverage course.

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It's my mission to give family businesses the tools, training, and support to build an online brand that will become their legacy for generations to come.

Did you enjoy these trainings from last week? Which training resonated with you the most this week?

What will YOU do differently in the coming week that will help you build your brand and legacy because of what you've learned this week?

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