Wow the week just flew by didn't it? This week I found some great tools to help you increase your social media engagement, especially on Facebook and some mindset training that will help you keep moving forward.

I put these trainings all in one spot so you can consume it all and be ready to CRUSH it for the next week! Feel free to share this with your team as this will help them as well.

Feel free to share with your team as this will help them as well.

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

We kicked off the week sharing 17 of my favorite Marie Forleo quotes to guide you to move forward in your business decision.

Marie Forleo is the creator of the award-winning show Marie TV, founder of B-School, and has been featured in Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine.

She has mentored young business owners at Richard Branson's Centre for Entrereneurship and named by Oprah Winfrey as a thought leader for the next generation.

Her website is one of’s Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs.  To give you an idea of what Marie is like, watch this video where she shows you how to keep going when you feel like giving up.

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Monday, February 5th, 2018

On Monday we learned learn 2 online tools that will help you increase your social media engagement.

One of the best predictors for online success on social media is following this formula. You must build and engage your audience before you can sell to your audience.

Most home business owners focus on the selling and not enough on building and engaging their audience. I can't tell you how many times I see people's Facebook profiles look like an online advertising board.

The easiest way to build and engage your audience is asking questions. Why?

When you hear a question, it triggers you to seek the answer, whether you're aware of it or not.

That means that even if they don't engage, questions will encourage your followers to stop scrolling and read your update to find the answer.

With that said, when you're posting on social media, you must be strategic in your posts. That means, you need to know what questions your target audience will want to answer.

Check out one of the tools that can help you here.

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Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

On Tuesday we learned the 4 habits of highly successful social media marketers.

Have you ever wondered how some home business owners become successful using social media? For the past four years I've had the opportunity to study from the best social media marketers and they share these 4 things in common.

One of the habits is scheduling and prioritizing their content by knowing when their audience is on social media. We learned that Hootsuite is one of the easiest tools to schedule your content. 

Watch the video below that shows you how easy it is to use this tool.

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

On Wednesday we learned 8 different types of Facebook ads and which are the best to use for home business owners.

  • Link Click Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Boosted Page Posts
  • Carousel Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Page Like Ads
  • Page Post Photo Ads

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

On Thursday we learned from Mark Harbert to stop making excuses!

We've been conditioned by society to come up with excuses when things get bad. All you need to do is turn on the news or read the papers to see people coming up excuses for why things never get done.

So how do you stop making excuses? My pal Mark Harbert did a wakeup call for the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) community where he shares how you can stop making excuses once and for all.

I must warn you that this is not for the faint of heart. Mark holds nothing back.

Listen to Mark's Wakeup Call Below

After the wakeup call, Mark did a Facebook live sharing haring 3 reasons why people make excuses in their business. Make sure you take plenty of notes because what he says is pretty important. 

Friday, February 9th, 2018

We capped off the week on Friday learning from Jessica Higdon 2 Facebook Prospecting Scripts to get leads for your business.

Before sharing these scripts, Jessica Higdon asked two questions to the audience.

  • First, how many are caught up in marketing that you're not prospecting?
  • Second, over the last 6 months, how many people have you actively prospected DAILY for the last 6 months? 

And I got to be honest with you, I haven't been prospecting as much as I should because I am apprehensive of approaching my Facebook friends.

Jessica then shared that success comes from doing just 2 simple functions:

  • Prospecting
  • Problem Solving

To get over your fear of prospecting Jessica says to ask yourself these 3 questions

  • “How can I solve people's problems today?”
  • “How can I serve?”
  • “How can I get more friends?”

Make sure you check out the blog post to get the Facebook Scripts!

All Caught Up on the Content From Last Week?

It's my mission to give family businesses the tools, training, and support to build an online brand that will become their legacy for generations to come.

Did you enjoy these trainings from last week? Which training resonated with you the most this week?

What will YOU do differently in the coming week that will help you build your brand and legacy because of what you've learned this week?

I'd love to know! Share it in the comments below and let's start a conversation!

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