Welcome to March Madness!  Can you believe that we are 21 days away from finishing the 1st Quarter of 2018?

Time for a gut check. Are you progressing toward your goals you set on January 1st?

If you are GREAT. If not, then this week's trainings are definitely going to help you out.

The trainings this week focus tips and strategies to develop residual income. We all want the residual income where we work once and then get paid over and over again.

Feel free to share this with your team as this will help them as well.

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

We kicked off the week learning from Chip and Dan Heath 3 strategies to help you make better decisions.

Chip and Dan Heath are brothers and best selling authors. Chip Heath is a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, teaching courses on business strategy and organizations.

Dan Heath is a Senior Fellow at Duke University’s CASE center, which supports social entrepreneurs. 

Their book, Decisive: How to Make Better Decisions in Life and Work was published in spring of 2013 and debuted at #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list and #2 on the New York Times.

Watch the video below to get a quick synopsis of their book.

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In the book, Chip and Dan Heath lay out three ways to make decisions that can impact not only your business but your life as well.

Monday, March 5th, 2018

On Monday we learned how to know when you'll get paid every month.

Let's face it. Having an online network marketing business can be described as a roller coaster.

You have to sift and sort through prospects to enroll leads, reps, and customers. Yes, you made sales this month.

But will you make sales NEXT month? And how will you pay the bills if you don’t make sales?

The answer is continuity programs. Continuity programs are typically services (usually subscriptions) that allow you to get paid a commission per month.

If you're first getting started the fastest way to earn continuity income is to promote other continuity programs as an affiliate. 

You can watch the video below to see my favorite continuity program to promote.

residual checks

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

On Tuesday we learned how to become a top seller through target marketing.

If you're looking at doing any type of paid advertising you need to understand target marketing. I highly suggest that you pick up the book Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom. It's available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Edition.

In the book, Martin shares how to find out what motivates consumers to buy. Watch the video below where he shares how consumers are using social media to build up and tear down brands.

Click Here to Pick Up Your Copy of Brandwashed on Amazon

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

On Wednesday we learned how to stand out in your market by being the guy next door

People do business with those who they know, like, and trust. Think about the last major purchase you made. 

What made you buy from that particular sales person? You felt a connection with them, like they were just like you, right?

How do you create that connection as the guy next door? Through attraction marketing.

Watch this short video below by My Lead System Pro co-founder Brian Fanale on what attraction marketing is.

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Thursday, March 8th, 2018

On Thursday we learned how to create residual checks in our business. There are 2 ways to achieve residual checks.

Promote someone else’s program, or create your own.

If you’re promoting someone else’s residual program, you’ve got several benefits.

  • You never have to create membership content or maintain and update the software as a service
  • You never have to worry about customer service concerning the program
  • You don’t have to create the sales page, the membership site and so forth.
  • All you do is send traffic and profit. That’s it.

Creating your own takes a lot of time and effort. And it's one that I don't recommend that you start with. 

My favorite residual program where I get paid residual checks is My Lead System Pro (MLSP). MLSP is an affiliate program that teaches home business owners how to generate more leads, reps, and customers using attraction marketing and leveraging the internet.

MLSP has been around for 10 years and has paid out over $17 million in commissions to affiliates. The reason I love this affiliate program so much is not only do I get the tools and support to grow my online marketing skills, MLSP has 8 different ways I can make money promoting the program.

Watch the short 7 minute video below where you will learn the 8 different ways you get paid from MLSP.

residual checks

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

We capped off the week on Friday learning from top earner Erin Birch 7 tips to achieve your dreams.

Meet my pal Erin Birch. 

She is one of the most inspiring home business entrepreneurs I know. She started her network marketing business to supplement her income. As a single mom with two teenage sons, she was making less than $2,000 per month designing and making jewelry.

She failed miserably, making only $300 in her first four months. Erin was faced with a big decision. Either quit and get a job, or learn how to grow her business.

Erin realized that her beliefs were not in alignment to achieve her dreams. Within a year of aligning her beliefs, she had her first 6 figure year and enrolled over 480 people into her business.

Erin recently did a wakeup call for the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) community where she shared her 7 best tips to align your beliefs to achieve your dreams. Click below to listen and take notes.

Listen to Erin's Wakeup Call Below

All Caught Up on the Content From Last Week?

It's my mission to give family businesses the tools, training, and support to build an online brand that will become their legacy for generations to come.

Did you enjoy these trainings from last week? Which training resonated with you the most this week?

What will YOU do differently in the coming week that will help you build your brand and legacy because of what you've learned this week?

I'd love to know! Share it in the comments below and let's start a conversation!

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