Today I am going to share with you 5 powerful YouTube ranking factors I learned from Todd and Leah Rae Getts to help you get leads for your business without chasing down friends and family.

Did you know that YouTube is about to overtake Google as the number one search engine? When your videos rank on YouTube you will be not only generating leads 24/7/365, but you will make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business opportunity.

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Why You Must be Using YouTube

Outside of meeting face to face, video marketing is the most popular form of creating content and building an engaged audience on line. Check out these crazy statistics from Fortune Lords

  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
  • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day
  • The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month – 3.25 billion.
  • 10,113 YouTube videos generated over 1 billion views.

People typically search on YouTube for entertainment or learn how to do something. When you can anticipate what your market is looking for on YouTube, you can generate leads on autopilot.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning to lead and sales notifications. It's very doable!

5 YouTube Ranking Factors

Are you struggling with building your home business? Did you burn through your “List of 100” friends and family members and ran out of people to talk to?

So did Todd and Leah! She was a nurse and he was a school teacher, looking for ways to earn extra income to make ends meet. 

Then they discovered how to brand themselves and generate leads using these YouTube ranking factors and now they are able to work full time from home and raise their two young sons.

Todd and Leah did a masterclass training the other evening sharing these 5 strategies. I took plenty of notes and here is what I learned from the training.

YouTube Factors #1: Keywords

One of the most important YouTube ranking factors you must have in place is keywords. Keywords are the search terms your market is typing into YouTube to solve a problem they are having.

How do you know what your market is looking for? Todd and Leah recommended these simple keyword research tools. 

When creating your video you need to incorporate those keywords into your video title and in the tags. This will help your audience find you.

YouTube ranking factors

YouTube Factors #2: Engagement

Keywords will help get your videos seen, but to get them on the first page, you must be creating high value content that will keep your audience engaged to like, comment, and share your videos.

Todd and Leah gave some simple suggestions get more organic likes.

YouTube Factors #3: View Duration

Todd stated that longer YouTube videos get ranked higher. As a matter of fact, YouTube WANTS videos that increase the amount of time people spend on YouTube.

With that said, you want to have 5-10 minutes of high quality content that solves a problem your market has.

YouTube ranking factors

YouTube Factors #4: Subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the more video views you will get, which gets you more leads! Todd shared a super cool way to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel using your blog. 

Watch the video below to learn how.

Click Here to Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

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YouTube Factors #5: Backlinks

Backlinks are where other websites link your YouTube video to their site. Now, there are good backlinks and there are bad backlinks.

It is an advanced technique, but backlinks won't work unless you have the previous 4 YouTube ranking factors in place.

Doc's Prescription for YouTube Ranking Factors

Wasn't this helpful? Now you're armed and ready to start generating leads using YouTube! 

What YouTube ranking factors resonated with you the most? Comment below!

Now, if you're brand new to YouTube marketing and don't know where to begin, I highly suggest that you watch this training by Mark Harbert. Mark has taught Todd and Leah as well as myself how to create videos that get you leads on autopilot. 

YouTube ranking factors

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 YouTube ranking factors

 YouTube ranking factors

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